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Inspired by nature
When designing our collections, we are inspired by nature and especially the Dutch coast. Our high-quality materials come from natural sources as much as possible. Our colors are soft, washed and faded, which perfectly matches the colors of nature. We are inspired by life on the coast, where you can clear your mind on a beach walk and smell the fresh, salty air when you feel a sea breeze.

Because we are so grateful for the nature around us, we want to take care of it. We try to become increasingly aware of everything we do and the materials we use in our collections. With every new collection we make, we try to become more and more sustainable.

Portugal productions
Most of our collection is produced in Europe and mainly in Portugal. We regularly visit the factories we work with. One of our factories is a small family business and since last year also GOT 's certified. Which means that waste is recycled, that they take good care of people and consciously work with dyes and chemicals.

Natural and more sustainable materials

Jersey sensitive
Every season we have items made from jersey sensitive. This fabric is a really comfortable material, but it is also a more durable fabric. The company that produces this fabric has many official certificates for sustainable production. All the water used during production is cleaned by a special company and therefore they use 50% less water. The company uses solar panels and therefore uses 25% less energy to produce materials. CO2 emissions have been significantly reduced by purchasing a special system. In addition, less packaging materials are used, which means that the company now saves 9,000 short-ton rolls and 4,000 meters of plastic.

In addition, this jersey sensitive fabric is durable for you as a consumer because:
- this fabric has a 3x longer lifespan than cotton clothing.

- this fabric does not require ironing, which saves energy.

- this fabric dries quickly, so no need to dry in a dryer.

Tencel is a fabric that can be found in every collection. Tencel is a natural material made from FSC certified wood and feels and wears as soft as silk. It has a natural look and is a signature fabric that returns every season. During the production of tencel fabric, 99.6% of the required chemicals are reused and they do not end up in nature. Tencel is bleached free of chlorine and therefore completely biodegradable. The company that produces tencel focuses on a closed production cycle and the water used during production is cleaned and recycled.

New in our collection are basic items made from the softest and durable bamboo fabric. Bamboo is a natural source of material and more sustainable because it grows quickly and requires no pesticides. 

Every new season and every new collection we design, we strive to use more sustainable materials and optimize the way we work. So you can buy and wear MOSCOW garments with this in mind. That way you feel good and look beautiful in every way.

By being more aware, we hope to give back to nature what it has given us, so that we can enjoy its beauty for a long time, from generation to generation.

Lots of love, MOSCOW.

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