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Coastlife in Porto


‘Coastlife in Porto’

Dominika, originally from Poland, has a boutique surf hotel: ‘Slow Living’ by the beach in Porto, Portugal. Her life and work is all based around the beautiful ocean and coastline of Portugal.
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How did you end up living in Porto?

I ended up in Matosinhos in Porto while doing my masters degree in tourism and I fell in love with surfing and the ocean, they were the reason I moved to Portugal. I was so overwhelmed with the beauty of the endless coastline and I would stay in the water for a long time. I feel love for the waves and for the unique nature. 

 After a year of living in the city I wanted to share my passion for interior and meet and connect with creative people. I took a chance and renovated an old Portuguese house and I opened my first boutique surf hotel: ‘Slow Living’.

Where do you get your inspiration for your interior?

I use many recycled materials and handcrafted pieces from local crafters. Matosinhos is a great small coast town, it has a great surf beach and because of the very rich fisherman’s culture, there is one of the best seafood in the world.

What is important for you in deciding which clothing items to buy?

Nowadays I like to choose high quality clothing so they last long. I also love pieces that are comfortable. I'm only buying what I need, not what I want. I’m choosing pieces that fit me and my lifestyle. Clothes that will last and make me want to wear them every time I open my wardrobe.

Why do you like Moscow?

I prefer items with materials such as natural wool, cotton or linen and clothing that can be recycled. I support sustainability and slow fashion. That’s the reason I like MOSCOW. MOSCOW uses high quality fabrics and it has permanent collections that not only follow the fashion trends. The collections are true, simple and have one style.

What do you love about the ocean?

The Coast in Porto is all about living according to the movement of the sea and enjoying nature. As a surfer I truly believe that people who live according to the movement of the sea are more calm, happy and positive. They spread this positive vibration all around! 

The ocean is a temple for many of us, we can wash away all worries and cure our souls. Portuguese people even have the proverb: "Deixa pedra no mar" - it means to leave your worries and problems at the ocean, just like you drop the stone to the waters…



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