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The power of Choices


‘The power of Choices’

What do you find important in fashion and your outfits when you go into nature on one of your hikes or events?

I think it is important that I can wear my outfits when just going to the city as well. Usually I spontaneously decide to go to nature from the city. Then I prefer my outfit to fit comfortably while also having a nice outfit. I also like to layer up, because the weather in The Netherlands can often be unpredictable.

Which message do you want to give people and with what do you want to inspire the people reading your book?

I emotionally conquered Crohn’s disease by eating healthy, being connected to nature and the body and mind being in balance. I have been symptom free for 23 years now. I hope to inspire people to be aware of the power of nature and the power in yourself. I believe strongly in the connection between mind and body. And that you can accomplish that in a playful, fun manner.

How important is sustainability in fashion for you and how do you try to fit that into your daily life?

Very important. I believe in the power of making decisions and that everything is connected with each other. All of us have to try their best. I try as much as I can to shop at sustainable brands, or brands where the quality lasts longer. I try to shop less and to organise my own Wild Way event as sustainable as possible.



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