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Since 2008 MOSCOW stands out through using simplistic designs in its high quality items, that are produced with lots of care and through a clear vision. With its Down to earth feel, it inspires the Dutch woman to show her inner strength, her casual attitude, her own uniqueness and with a touch of femininity..

Since 2008 MOSCOW stands ...
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Moscow Design Collection

The MOSCOW collections consist of 'easy to match' essentials, which can be combined endlessly and layered with each other due to the subtle use of color in washed gray tones, non-colors and soft powder tones. The use of high-quality natural materials, such as pure wool, soft cotton, linen, alpaca, cupro and silk provide a laid-back luxury with a high wearing comfort. The supple and feminine fit is part of MOSCOW's recognizable idiosyncratic signature.

In addition to the main collections, MOSCOW brings a renowned jacket collection every season, with detailed 'key pieces' such as the bomber, the parka and the down coat. The MOSCOW jackets are a household name and an indispensable part of the Dutch street scene.

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