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Dear Customer,

Unfortunately, the world as we knew it weeks ago has completely changed overnight. Through this message, we would like to express our sympathy to the victims and all those affected by the war currently going on in Ukraine.

As a brand and Dutch family business, we condemn any form of violence. In this modern world, where people depend on each other, problems and differences of opinion should be solved through dialogue. True peace comes from mutual understanding and respect for each other's well-being.

Out of respect, we have decided to (temporarily) stop communicating the name MOSCOW* on our social media platforms or online, and switch to our current logo MSCW (MSCW stands for My Social-minded Coastal Wear)

*The roots of our brand name lay in our coats, so warm they will even protect you from the cold when in Moscow.

 Doing good is feeling good. That’s MSCW. We would like to emphasise that our label is a 100% Dutch brand of a 100% Dutch family company that has been around for over 100 years.

Our collection consists of comfortable, high-quality items in washed-out shades, as if they were created by the beauty and roughness of our varied coastal climate. An interplay of natural aspects, high-quality materials and social responsibility. A collection designed to enjoy nature and the people around us in freedom.

What we can do together right now is stand behind each other, speak out against violence and unitely support Ukraine and its people. Stand up together for democracy, freedom and peace, so that hopefully these terrible events will soon come to an end.



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